Wednesday, March 04, 2020

The new generation and Media

The new generation and Media
The new generation and Media

With the increase in the spread of new media in adults and children, it has become necessary for the educational authorities to address the younger age group before others in order to spread awareness in various fields.

The minds of young people

Consciousness is an urgent demand in the era of challenges, and if we look at the ease of accessing information to young people, we will realize the importance of making this group of people distinguish between useful and unhelpful, and between the constructive and the destructive, because there are many destructive organizations trying to penetrate the minds of young people and make them deviate from the proper path, Therefore, providing them with cognitive awareness would protect them from any extremist ideology and keep them within the framework of a civilized society that seeks to open new horizons in development.

Plans and results

From here, we can develop short-term and long-term plans, developed by people of experience and specialization, starting from "Social Media" to youngsters. Plans that are divided into stages and carry indirect messages, and others directly if needed, and those messages are loaded with an epistemic increase that illuminates the minds, and poses positive questions about what is wrong and what is right, and with the realization of the mind any person who reaches these messages can realize what is and what is on it Towards his community and the people around him, and it may even go beyond that to carry that individual's image of his country wherever he goes.
With the collective effort, the plans must show results. The sincere intentions whose owners seek goodness cannot fail. Tomorrow remains "always" bright. As for darkness, it has no place in the areas of light.

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