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How to keep the iPhone battery as long as possible

How to keep the iPhone battery as long as possible
How to keep the iPhone battery as long as possible

It is known to everyone that cell phone batteries gradually weaken their ability to conserve energy over time because they are based on "lithium ion", which weakens their potential to store energy, and there are methods and ways to conserve them for the longest possible period.

Some applications reduce battery life

A user of the "iPhone" mobile phone can increase the battery life, such as reducing the use of the screen brightness feature, or the excessive use of geographical location operation, as well as the high temperature. In addition to this, some applications reduce battery life, but they are difficult for many to dispense applications For them, the choice lies in using them when needed.
Among the most important of these applications comes the application of Google Maps, which is despite its many benefits, but it requires a lot of data in order to provide accurate results, and its reliance on the "GPS" system makes it consume the battery faster than usual. It is best in the case of using the Maps application to put the battery in the opposition of savings, and to stop the automatic update process when the application is not working, as well as not to turn on GPS mode and the feature of setting the location feature because they consume a lot of battery power.

Facebook application

Also, the excessive use of the Facebook application has a role in reducing battery life, as it works continuously in the background, and updates without stopping, and does not calm down in the process of synchronizing contacts. So the best thing is to disable internal notifications in the app itself.
As for the application that accompanies "Facebook", which is "Facebook Messenger", its work is close to that of "Facebook", which consumes battery life through working in the background, as well as synchronizing contacts and receiving notifications, preferably in the case of "Facebook Messenger" not to install it as an application on Desktop, and just send us what we want through the Facebook app itself.

"Whatsapp’s" problem

On the other hand, the application "WhatsApp" that is spread all over the place comes as one of the reasons for reducing battery life, especially version 2.19.112 from it, and "Whatsapp’s" problem is not only in iPhone phones, but it is also present in Android phones. Perhaps the reason is because the application has not stopped working in the background, and it is preferred for this application to resort to downloading its latest versions.
In addition, the application "Snapchat" consumes a lot of battery power, because it uses specific services such as notifications and location, and resort to identifying the instant location of those who use it depending on what other people share. And it is better in "Snapchat" to disable the positioning service, and choose the hidden mode.

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