Friday, September 24, 2021

Good ways to drive the growth of the brands

Good ways to drive the growth of the brands

Even in times of consumer reluctance, companies are looking for ways to drive the growth of their brands. The brand growth barrier model can help identify a brand's "construction sites" and adjust the strategy accordingly.

Against this background, income expectations are rising slightly in most countries. However, this glimmer of hope is currently not being reflected in the propensity to buy. These keep their money together and postpone larger purchases until later. Naturally, this applies above all to countries with high unemployment.

Consumer restraint is giving companies in many countries the task of questioning their previous strategies and goals of brand management. If brands are to generate growth even in times of saving consumers, it is first of all important to clearly define the goals that brand management focuses on and whether these goals are adapted to the current situation.

For example, the goal of sharpening brand positioning requires different measures than, for example, the goal of opening up new target groups. Since companies generally do not have unlimited time, manpower and budget, it is important to define goals and desired effects very precisely and to identify their own "construction sites" in brand management. The model of brand growth barriers (MWB model) helps here. In the classic model, according to the authors, there are a total of seven barriers:


barrier Part of the target group has not heard of the brand or has not seen anything.

Brand Clarity Barrier

A part of the target group has already heard of the brand or seen something, but cannot say exactly what the brand stands for.

Relevance barrier

A part of the target group has an idea of ​​what the brand stands for, but does not consider it personally.

First choice barrier

Part of the target group is considering the brand among others, but
it is not the first choice.

Buying barrier

A part of the target group buys a competitive brand, although their own brand was also an option, maybe even the first choice.

Repurchase barrier

Part of the target group does not buy the brand a second time, but chooses a competitor.

Recommendation barrier

Some of the target group have repeatedly bought a brand, but are not actively recommending it.

Companies must first identify these barriers and then break them down with appropriate marketing and sales measures to generate more growth for the brand.

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

How to find influential tweets on Twitter


How to find influential tweets on Twitter

Influential marketing is not a new concept. It has been around for so long that no one doubts its efficacy. Influential marketing has started hiring celebrities: celebrities wearing expensive watches, drinking Pepsi, and talking about purported personal skin care products. At one point, influential marketing turned into experts: 9 out of 10 dentists recommend "such-and-such".
After that, some of this craziness of celebrities and experts moved to social media.

How did this happen?

First, social media has captured all forms of entertainment versus other means: we spend more time on social networks than watching TV or searching on the web.
Then, the number of influencers on social media increased dramatically. Anyone can become influential on social media since YouTube is a pioneer in this idea and the other social networks that followed it. Many people have more confidence in social influencers than in television stars and athletes.

Influencers respond to followers

The lives of influencers are more transparent - at least, they appear more transparent - than those of celebrities. Influentials respond to online followers, participate in social media conversations, and talk a lot about their lives. They explain why they chose to dress or advertise a good.
Influencers are often more closely related to people. They are everywhere and can be of any age, race, gender, or socioeconomic status. They should not be beautiful or rich. It suffices to be an expert on everything that matters to some people, to be close to them and interesting or to have talent. Although this still looks like it needs a lot of work.

Focus on their reputation

It is also important to say that the influencers of social media and popular internet celebrities are different types of social media phenomena. As far as marketing is concerned, this means that you can't usually give some money to an influencer until he says something good about your brand (you can do that with internet celebrities). Everyone who influences social media focuses on their reputation: they care a lot about what their audience thinks and will find it dangerous to lie or mislead their followers.
Hence, there is a lot to learn if you decide to start working with influencers.

Different types of audience and marketing

As mentioned, there are influencers everywhere. Moreover, there are different types of influences. They differ in terms of the size of their audience, their approach to marketing, and their personalities. In the context of social media and the presence of influential people with them on social media, it is not always easy to find the right means.
So how do you do that? How do you find influencers who perfectly fit your brand?
The influencers are present in every social network. But here we are talking about influential people on Twitter: Finding influential people on Twitter in every industry and of any kind. The first thing to do is to determine the type of effect that best suits your brand.

Select the "perfect effect"

Deciding on the perfect effect is very similar to coming out with your buyer's personality. Try to answer questions, such as:
What is the age, type, and location of the ideal effector?
How does the influencer provide information to his followers?
How active is he on Twitter?
How do influencers share their information with their followers?
What are the demographic situations for their followers?

Use Twitter search

The easiest way to find Twitter influencers is simply by using local search ... that is, by searching the hashtag. Choose the most common hashtags in your location (use if you don't know any of them), and search for hashtags in the Twitter search bar. Those that will appear because they attracted the most attention from Twitter users.
Search for tweeters who have used hashtags and have a lot of tweets to find the most popular tweets.

Attending Twitter conversations

Twitter chats exist in some areas. The goal of Twitter Chats is to connect people in one industry. Usually influential people lead them and are influential as active guests and participants.
Twitter conversations are one-hour live chats that happen regularly at the same time. People follow them using a common hashtag. Twitter conversation includes the presence of a specific discussion topic, host and guest, and follow-up questions and answers.
It is a great place to meet influencers, make connections and choose the right people to work with.
Finally, there are tools that transform effective search into an easy and fun task.

Wednesday, September 02, 2020

Thirteen Steps to make great Facebook Page

Thirteen Steps to make great Facebook Page
How to make great Facebook Page

The first step to learning Facebook marketing is simple: Create a Facebook profile. It handiest takes a couple of minutes to sign up to create your Facebook profile. Once you register, you will be redirected on your homepage. There you may customize your profile and make it as attractive as feasible.
After setting up a Facebook profile, you need to move directly to the next step, that's to create a devoted Facebook page to sell your enterprise or logo online.

Create a separate page to your commercial enterprise

Facebook lets in you to create a separate page to your commercial enterprise. This means that you could create a page and ship hyperlinks to all your target audience to encourage them to subscribe to your page. This is quite one of a kind from a everyday profile you create due to the fact you can't “friend” everyone right here. People merely want to comply with your web page.
The purpose of a Facebook page to your commercial enterprise is to present you an area in which you could offer your customers with facts approximately your merchandise, product descriptions, and another promotional sports. It will also can help you interact with clients and purchasers and to actively have interaction your audience for your commercial enterprise.
Creating a web page to your business is easy, but there are several steps to follow:

Filling out the details carefully

Step one: The very first step of the process is to visit facebook.Com/pages/create. Once you click on at the link, you may be directed to a page in which you may start growing a Facebook page.

Step two: It is essential which you carefully fill out all the fields displayed at the screen. Try now not to go away too much data blank. You will want to pick out the form of commercial enterprise, add a profile image, write a quick description of the business, create a username, and fill inside the details inside the “About” segment.
Filling out the details carefully at the same time as developing your Facebook page could make all the distinction between an excellent and a mediocre page. It is vital to take some time while developing the page to ensure that the information you post is correct. Including the perfect information, consisting of address and make contact with quantity, will make it easier for potential customers to discover your web page.

Go through the options

Step three: Choose the proper category to your enterprise so humans can effortlessly find it. You have to remember all the distinct enterprise options offered. These can range from a neighborhood business, artist, band or celeb, emblem or product, corporation or corporation/organization, leisure, or any other purpose or network. Go through these options and thoroughly pick out one which suits your wishes. By doing this, you could make sure that other customers can locate your web page without problems.

Step four: The subsequent step is to create a URL, that is the figuring out net address in your web page. It is a good idea to include your enterprise name within the URL you create in order that the users right away realize in which they're being directed after they see the hyperlink. You want to make locating your page as easy possible if you need to make the maximum of advertising on Facebook. The easy way to do this is by way of choosing the right URL and adding the correct information.

Inform the users about your unique menu

Step five: Now which you have created your page, it's time to start actively the usage of it. Take some time to submit posts or pictures relevant in your business. For instance, if you are a restaurateur, you may upload the menu to the page, post images of the meals gadgets, inform the users approximately all the distinct dishes you serve at the eating place, and inform them about your unique menu. Making this records without difficulty available to your followers will encourage them to retain following the page, and it may even prompt them to take advantage of what you’re supplying.

Step six: After following the above steps, your Facebook web page will be equipped to share with a much broader audience. Before inviting others to like and observe the page, make sure to test your data to make sure the whole thing is accurate. Make any wanted adjustments to ensure your page is as expert as viable. You ought to also ask some friends and circle of relatives individuals to observe the page and endorse any adjustments you may need to make. Once everything is achieved, and you make the essential changes, you may send invitations to different users. This is as simple as clicking on the “Community” tab and selecting the option to invite your pals to love your web page. You can input a person’s name after which select the “Invite” option. An invitation will be sent to them.

Posting interesting content

Step seven: If you've got a website on your commercial enterprise, the following step is to add a "Like Us on Facebook” icon to your site. This is important due to the fact you want to inform your audience that you exist on Facebook. You will even want to replicate your URL and paste it on all the different social networking websites that you use in your page. This may additionally consist of Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn. You must also vicinity the link as your email signature so the customers realize your commercial enterprise is energetic on Facebook.

Step eight: There isn't any factor in creating a Facebook page in case you don’t use it. Now is the time to grow to be energetic and begin interacting along with your audience. Posting interesting content will make certain your target market is engaged and interested by your page. Be certain to differ your content material. For example, if you began with images, you ought to begin to add some motion pictures. These films may include demonstration movies or other subjects which you think your target audience will revel in. Remember to cater your content to the individuals who matter most: your fans.

Give attention to the content material 

Step nine: Some manufacturers and companies have a tendency to lease devoted teams for managing their Facebook debts and pages. However, this is optional because you can run your page your self. Hiring help will most effective increase the expenses involved, and you will ought to set apart time to find a perfect social media team. That’s why many humans choose to control their own pages.
If you want to make the most of Facebook marketing, then you definitely must give attention to the content material you're posting. Make certain you are the usage of best extraordinary pics or videos and are the use of attractive descriptions for the content material you are importing. Don’t just preserve importing snap shots and textual content; instead, try and blend it up a bit. Start posting films, gifs, and testimonies. You can even take advantage of the capability to head live with Facebook Live. There are numerous helpful features that Facebook presents, but you should use them efficaciously if you want to fully achieve the blessings. This will help you make sure your target audience is inquisitive about the content you are posting.

Post on special days

Step ten: Establish a posting schedule and stay with it. Even in case you are not interested in publishing posts every day, you still want to post consistently. You can choose to post on special days, however be sure to select posting times primarily based on when most of your target market is using Facebook. When you do that, it will increase the possibilities of your posts performing at the newsfeed of your target audience. Remember to check the posts even after you have posted them. Interact along with your target audience and solution any questions they'll ask. The factor is to be interactive and tell them what they do now not know approximately your business and products.

Step eleven: Use your Facebook web page to try and growth the site visitors on your website. You can easily try this with the aid of posting the kind of content material your target market will like and recognize. You can also link sure posts to your internet site, in order to inspire people to go to the site. Try to stop thinking from the angle of a marketer and instead suppose like your potential audience.

Direct traffic to your web page

Step twelve: Take advantage of various Facebook agencies to sell your web page. Groups fluctuate from Facebook pages because they permit institution moderators to limit who can and can't be part of the institution. Groups additionally let you ship messages to simply the people who are members of the institution. If you be a part of some other institution, you may tell them approximately your web page, and you can without problems direct traffic to your web page. While it can appear powerful to join as many corporations as viable, it’s best to paste to pages which are relevant in your niche to ensure you are accomplishing folks that will be inquisitive about what you have to provide. For example, if your Facebook page is associated with fashion, then it doesn’t make a whole lot sense to sign up for a collection approximately finance because contributors will most probably not be interested by what you are selling.

Step thirteen: Place paid classified ads on your Facebook web page to draw visitors. This step is optionally available, however it will growth traffic in your Facebook page. Simply positioned, paid Facebook ads are commercials that you create via Facebook and then area strategically if you want to positively impact your commercial enterprise. This may additionally imply growing downloads of a sure app or promoting an ongoing deal. The concept of making your personal advertisements can be intimidating, however you may examine more approximately a way to master ads later in this e book.

Tuesday, August 04, 2020

The power of social media

The power of social media
The power of social media

Day after day, social networking sites demonstrate the power of their influence at various levels. Politicians employ them for various purposes, such as spreading ideas and attracting audiences to support their orientations or stand with them in running for a position, and celebrities benefit from them in making or promoting for something. As for the general public, they communicate with each other and express their ideas. Sometimes comfort and simplicity, and there are those who do not know these sites because of the harsh conditions of their lives, but they serve a number of them from where they do not expect.

The behavior exceeds the limits

In the Egyptian city of Damiat, a vegetable seller selling on the sidewalk to manage her livelihood with her two children was affected by chasing officials and throwing their goods on the ground, and perhaps smashing them, because they are operating in violation of the regulations, except that filming a number of people for the scene and publishing it on the communication sites is fair, to return to Damiat Governorate Their rights are directed to investigate, hold accountable, and provide them with a place in the market in order to conduct their work safely.
The behavior they did exceeds the limits of their mission, and they were supposed to prevent them only or violate them, and not to cause them any harm.

The speed of message

The positive thing is that businessmen raised them what they saw and donated money to her to resume her commercial activity, and thus the communication sites turned the lives of those "weak" and her two children upside down, to start a new stage of her life, a stage called trust and safety, not weakness and fear, through a commercial store It is licensed and has good capital invested in trade.
This and other incidents that have spread on the communication sites confirm the power of influence, the speed of the message and the positive use, and the ability to change a person’s life, and this rarely happened before the launch of these sites.

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Between Samsung And Iphone,Which One To Select

Between Samsung And Iphone
Between Samsung And Iphone

Apple is more stylish and ultra-modern, setting bodily appearance and layout as number one precedence over capability, practicality, and ergonomics.. An excellent example is Touch ID (fingerprint scanner).. They have been not able to do an under the screen fingerprint scanner so that they simply got rid of all of it collectively.. Placing a fingerprint scanner at the lower back not simplest will make the telephone “uglier”, it will block the Apple brand on the back... This is what I mean through prioritizing style and look over the whole lot else.This is what I mean through prioritizing style and look over the whole lot else.

Good deal advanced technology

So to reply your query, Apple pays nearer attention to details in phrases of appearance and stylish design (which include the UI interface).. But Samsung has a good deal advanced technology and superior hardware.. Samsung Pay makes use of a patented generation called MST which mimics the magnetic strip of the credit score card so then it could be used ANYWHERE at the same time as Apple Pay handiest makes use of NFC which isn't available at all shops.. Which then Apple releases the Apple Credit Card to amplify their Apple Pay as it became too inferior to Samsung Pay and people couldn’t use it all the time in extraordinary shops. The S Pen at the Galaxy Note is plenty extra superior than a stylus or Apple Pencil because it uses the Wacom era which artists use to attract on the computer.. It has over one thousand stress factors so it’s almost precisely like a actual pen and ink. The iPhone 11 Pro and Pro max has 4GB RAM whilst the Note 10+ has 12GB. Do you want all that RAM? Yes, if you plan to use your telephone like a computer computer and feature it docked or if you do a whole lot of video modifying and pictures design, sure it'll be very beneficial.

Be careful for Chinese phones

Now we’re beginning to see beautiful looking telephones from Samsung, LG, and now even Chinese branded phones. Chinese phones genuinely have been the primary to get an under the display screen fingerprint scanner and now we’re seeing many Chinese telephones with an “all display screen” display (NO bezels, NO notch) with either a flipping rear digital camera or a motorized popup selfie camera .. Placing Apple’s notched display screen to shame. But nevertheless, Apple’s iOS design is very minimalistic and clean cut.. That’s why many Chinese phones try tough to be elegant like Apple. But Chinese phones are catching up and the all screen layout definitely looks REALLY good and greater immersive than Apple’s or Samsung’s notch, yet alone modern. The Vivo Nex three 5G absolutely destroys the iPhone 11 Pro Max.. Way extra features, significantly decrease charge, and a stunning all display screen display with a motorized popup selfie.. Plus it has 5G. If you evaluate it with Apple, you can see Apple is very behind in technology.. Nevertheless no underneath the screen fingerprint scanner and a huge notch. So be careful for Chinese phones.

Friday, June 05, 2020

Use Facebook Insights

Use Facebook Insights
Use Facebook Insights

Facebook helps music a variety of information related to your commercial enterprise efforts on the platform. By analyzing this facts, you can effortlessly determine whether your advertising and advertising and marketing efforts are paying off or now not. This could be very useful in terms of making decisions as it guarantees that all the decisions you're making will pay off. The data are designed to help agencies get an in depth analysis of ways their web site is accessed. Data can exchange the advertising method of any business substantially, and you will examine greater about this inside the coming sections.

Gather new customers

If you need to comfortable a protracted-time period and sustainable business, then you definately want humans to do extra than much like your business enterprise’s Facebook page. What will you do in case your Facebook page fails and customers are not able to interact with you on it? You have to be able to connect to your customers in ways that go past Facebook. Smart corporations acquire capacity customers with the aid of taking pictures e mail addresses that will speak with their customers outside of Facebook.
All of this typically takes place thru competitions, giveaways, and newsletters. However, you need to be cautious approximately how you use all of this records. For instance, you have to no longer spam your enthusiasts or clients through sending them a couple of emails an afternoon. Email them a couple of times every week, and ensure the promotional content material you provide resonates along with your audience and the people receiving the emails.
Reduce your marketing prices
You do not ought to spend whatever to open your own Facebook web page in your emblem or commercial enterprise. If you want, you can lease a graphic dressmaker to layout your profile and cover, but this isn't necessary. You can take a image of your enterprise, and it will likely be exceptional. Until you begin paying for advertising and marketing to get likes to your page, you do not ought to spend whatever to customize your web page.
Compared to normal advertising, marketing on Facebook is quite reasonably-priced, and it helps you to attain a wider target market. The wide variety of humans participating in your page also will increase the visibility of your page. This will assist you to attract more attention with out doing a huge amount of work. Targeting your ads to those who are interested in your product can assist lessen your costs.

Insights gives facts

There are a few individuals who are truly precise at studying statistics, after which there are a few those who have a tendency to battle. A first-rate perk with Facebook is which you don’t have to worry approximately quantity crunching for reading records due to the fact Facebook Insights will do that for you. It simplifies the entire statistics manner. The information provided isn't handiest easy to apprehend, however it also offers what's actually beneficial for commercial enterprise owners.
Insights gives facts about the wide variety of likes a web page has obtained, how plenty coverage posts and pages have obtained, a summary of web page pastime, and extra. You also have the capability to check how a selected put up works, the general demographics of your fans, and other critical metrics. The effects of the Insights analysis are smooth to analyze, and you do now not ought to understand any technical issues. When you examine this to standard marketing strategies, you may understand that Facebook Insights makes advertising quite simple. All of this records will be beneficial as you develop your advertising and marketing and advertising techniques on account that you can create better ads to will target your perfect audience.

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Man and machine conflict

Man and machine conflict
Man and machine conflict

With the development of scientific and technological advances, the number of professions that can be performed without human intervention increases, occupations that started with industry and today reached the bread which is the most important food for most of the peoples on earth.

large number of workers

With the increase in the number of occupations that the machine occupies, the number of the unemployed people increases in the world, or the income of those working in occupations becomes less part of it, and a large number of workers in those professions may be at risk of dispensing with their services, thus joining the list of unemployed people.
Nobody is against scientific development, of course, but the problem of that development sometimes lies in harming humans, as in the case we mentioned.
Some people may ask about solutions, and here it is possible to think about finding alternative occupations for humans that are compatible with the development experienced by humans in this era, or work to make the "working" machine subject to human management, or take any action that does not affect the standard of living of employees and workers in the professions To which the machine began to take its path.

The future is for everyone

The global economic reality is very difficult during recent years, and the difficulty may last for many more years, so it is necessary to take into account the reality of people and try to help them instead of making the pressures exhausting them, the developed world day after day is supposed to keep pace with its development with the facilities and not the complications, and it is not correct that the facilities are from. In order to serve a group of people at the expense of a segment that includes times the number of times the first segment, the future is for everyone, not for a group and not others.